No docx option when compiling

Hi, like the topic says, there is no docx option available when I go to compile. Can anyone suggest a way to restore it? Or has the option been done away with for some reason? I’m using Scrivener Thanks so much in advance!

Tools > Options, then import/export. Check “Use Microsoft Word or Open Office for doc and docx conversions.” Does it work then? You’ll need either Word or OO installed for it to work, though.

Although I’ve got .doc as an option, but not docx, because I don’t have Word installed. (I believe the newer format still requires it to be installed.

Thanks, but that didn’t work. I’ve got word installed and I have the .doc extension as an option, but still no docx. The odd thing is that docx was an option until recently. No idea why it disappeared. I have Word 2010 installed.

Huh. I’d bug report this one. (That is, post it in the bug report forum, and make sure you say you’ve got Word installed.)

As many details as you can give (version of Word, which version/service pack of Windows, etc) the better.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

This bug is reported here:


Please add your experience to the thread. :slight_smile: