No Draft Folder

Somehow I’ve managed to delete Draft folder and started creating my individual draft files under Research folder.

Is there any way I can get the Draft folder bacK?

If not, can I export files (that are currently in Research Folder) to a new Project and start over? I actually already tried this by highlighting all the files (40 of them) but when I imported them into New Project they were completely out of order, with notes as individual files!


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I cant give you a techie answer, but have you checked the trash. Untill you actually empty trash in Scrivs File Menu, everything you delete within Scriv stays in the trash folder in the binder.

Hope this helps.
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You shouldn’t actually be able to delete the Draft folder at all - the program disallows this. Could you post a screenshot, please?

Here’s a screen shot.



Your Draft folder is still there! It’s just been renamed “Screenplay” and dragged to the bottom. The Draft folder can be renamed anything you want and dragged anywhere in the root folder, but it always has the pile of papers as the icon.