No Drag and Drop in Binder and Corkboard[FIXED]

Dear Scrivener Team,

at first: you are marvellous! Such a nice peace of software!

Within the tutorial I tested drag’n drop within the corkboard (tried to rearrange the cards from section 5) as well as within the outliner and it does not work at all.

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I am able to drag and drop files and so on within Binder and Outliner, but I am unable to do this in Corkboard.


Dropping cards on cards is a 2.0 feature. The original Scrivener didn’t allow “drop-ons” either. Do remember though, there really is no such thing as a folder in Scrivener. :slight_smile: The 2.0 drop-on feature lets you drop a card on any card, because any card can be a container for other cards.

You should be able to drag cards amongst one another though (like in the YouTube video posted above). The only time you can’t is when you aren’t actually looking at a container full of cards. This can happen if you select more than one item in the binder at once. You get a “Multiple Selection” label in the header bar, and at that point you are looking at an abstraction. Drags are prohibited then because they are meaningless.

knew Amber was tempting me to get the Mac version :smiley:… then again I probably will :slight_smile:

Mmmm. Definitely a 2.0 feature. I’ll add as a bug and let’s see what happens - absolutely not promises with this one.

After some testing I found that it might have been related to the bug with the “activated menues”. After reboot (and having a few hours of sleep :wink: ) this problem does not exist anymore. Neither in the Tut nor in other document.

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P.S.: Sadly upload of Screencasts is not possible in the forum

It is now possible to drag and drop index cards on cards and nest them in the same way you can in the outliner and binder.

You’ll need to download the latest fix beta 1.2 detailed in the following link

Thanks a million time for the quick response and the 2.0 feature!

Again: great, great work!