No "edit scrivenings" icon (or function)

I’m using the windows version on a fully updated machine. But I don’t have the “edit scrivener” icon. I looked in the toolbar options, not there either. I’ve also searched the bugs and didn’t find this one listed. I’d like to be able to use this feature - is it even available?


Are you transitioning from the Mac 1.x version? The “Edit Scrivenings” terminology has been dropped in both version 2.x for the Mac and the Windows version. The verb was removed because the view has really taken its place as a noun instead of a function, beside the corkboard and outline. They all three have a group of controls in the toolbar clustered together: Scrivenings view is on the left, and can be toggled on and off by clicking it. You can also use the View menu to switch modes, or the three shortcuts which you’ll find printed in that menu, too.

Thanks for your speedy response - that was helpful.

The reason for the confusion is the Scrivener video tutorials, which is my primary source right now for using the tool. The tutorials feature the older version of the tool and, of course, the language. So I’m watching the video looking for this icon that’s an entire section of the video.

But now that I’ve figured out how to have the scrivener view it doesn’t appear I can merge these items together and save them as one item - or there’s no information anywhere about how to do so. Again, in the video it shows a way of merging the different items together into one. I’m assuming I should be able to save them merged - not clear how :frowning:

The merge feature isn’t in the Windows beta yet, but Lee just posted in his update on the 21st that it’s been implemented for the next beta, which should be out within the next few days.

Generally speaking you don’t have to do that very often (I’ve probably actually never merged anything in Scrivener as an actual usage of the function; not counting tests and such). The fact that you can edit them all together at any time with Scrivenings mode means they function about identically as they would in a single file with no demarcations, and when they are broken apart you can take better advantage of the binder outline on the left to “see” your book as a large structure; it’s like a big, highly detailed table of contents for your writing environment—one you can hide from the reader, or only export portions of. When you need to compact the whole project into a single file for submission or publication, the Compile feature is what you want. That not only strings all of the pieces together into a single file, it gives you the opportunity to clean up the formatting, generate sections titles for you, and much more.

You’ll find the Merge function hasn’t been implemented yet in Windows.

And yeah, the videos right now are not only all Mac, but some of them are from the older version. Take them somewhat abstractly when trying to apply them to the Windows version as a learning tool. A better tool for right now would be the interactive tutorial, which you can open from the Help menu. It’s still a work in progress too (beta documentation is rare, and even more rarely up to date), but will explain the interface while working in the interface itself, so it’s a great way to learn.

Thanks very much for your detailed response - that covers it very well.

It was the merge function I was thinking of. But I see your point about using the other tool to consolidate them together later on. That works for me.

Very helpful!

Very helpful!