no em dash in notes pane

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but wasn’t sure where else to put it. But turning double hyphens into em dash does not work in the notes pane, which I use constantly. Is this intended behavior. If so, would it be possible to have those typographical features available in the notes pane as well as the edit pane?



Yes it’s intended behaviour and no, it would not be possible. :slight_smile: The notes pane uses a completely different type of text view - much closer to the standard Cocoa one. Typographic features only apply to your main text, which is the stuff you are really interested in making look good. The notes pane is just your scratch pad. This behaviour is fixed until at least 2.0.

Okay. It’s obviously not a huge deal! Thanks.

Meanwhile, the keyboard shortcut for inserting and emdash is fairly easy: Opt-Shift-. An endash is simply Opt-