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For the Mac geniuses here. Looks like my earlier problems may have been a sign of things to come. My mac crashed yesterday and now refuses to restart. All I get is a blank grey screen, unless I try to start from an installation disk which results in a ‘no entry’ symbol. I’ve tried resetting P RAM, held down the shift key also the x key, none of which produces any favourable result. Am I right in thinking my mac is f’nackered? :frowning:

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oopss!! sorry! just noticed this post is for geniuses :frowning:

Not sure you would lump me in the genius category but I am sure it will help those smart types too - what are the system specs again? And do you get the “dong” before the grey?

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Specs are a G4 mac mini running 10.5.2. There was plenty of disk space having only the system and general software, scrivener and two Adobe apps installed on the computer. As for the dong, yes that still happens before the grey screen appear. (And no vic the dong is not responsible for the PRAM :astonished: I hope.)

Failure to boot up at all, even to an installation disk, could be traced back to a corruption of the PMU settings. To reset the PMU (power management unit) on a G4 Mac Mini:

  1. Unplug everything from the Mini, power cable included.
  2. Let it sit for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  3. Now hold down the power button while plugging in the power cable.
  4. Let go of the power button.
  5. Attempt to boot up the computer.

This will also zap the PRAM again.

Unfortunately no joy with that Amber. Looks like I’ll be using 10.6 a lot earlier than expected. Off to buy a new mac this morning, so I can get on with things, and then will see about resurrecting the old one. Thanks for the ideas.

Typical, ‘Too much disposable income/throw away society/dilettantish’, approach to life`s little hiccups.
Your should be spending that money on the child! :open_mouth:

Given my general distaste for “upgrades” your approach to upgrading seems like the ideal situation (the new mac, not the death of the old mac). I have often wondered if a leasing option to the general pubic would work out. Then you just send a new system to folks. Probably not.

I considered by the time I sent it off, or got someone in to look at it, I’d be mounting up payments so buying a new one seemed a better option. Given time I’m sure I can sort the old one out and it can join the rest of my old buddies from the original Macintosh (with signatures inside the casing) through to my much loved 9600 and a few up to the current date. Visiting the local electrical stores today didn’t come up trumps so just ordered one from the Apple store. Hopefully not too long before the parcel arrives at my door. :mrgreen: And leasing does seem a nice option, although, considering licensing laws of software and operating systems aren’t we already leasing in a way? Just paying a bulk up front payment for something we don’t technically own. :confused:

As for the child vic, I’ll buy it a bone from the butchers. That should keep it content while I play with my new toy. :wink:

I had exactly the same problem with my MBpro several weeks ago and went through every means possible to bring it to life. Luckily I had bought an Apple Care extended warranty as the normal warranty had expired. Took it to Genius bar and they could do nothing to bring it to life - it has to be kept in overnight and turned out it needed a new hard drive. It was worth every penny of the AppleCare warranty.


Well the new mac has just arrived from Apple, in under 24 hours, can’t fault it. Off to explore. :mrgreen: