No error message on local file open failure

There is no error message dialog displayed when a local file reference open fails.

“But, how could it?” one might say, “You pick the silly thing from a file dialog to begin with. How could subsequent opens fail to find it?”

And the answer to that is “…because its name changed.” I named it incorrectly, then tagged it. Then changed its name in the explorer.

I figured it out eventually, but I would like to have had an error dialog indicating that Scivener could not open the file. It’s ultimately L&L’s call whether that’s deemed a good idea or not.

This is fixed for the next release, if I understand correctly: just to clarify, you renamed the project/moved/trashed it while it was closed and then selected the file from the Recent Projects list in Scrivener (which was open before you adjusted the file) and no message pops up? If that’s the trouble, then this should be corrected in the next release with an error message saying the file couldn’t be located.

To be clear, I’m talking about double-clicking a document reference to a local file, something created by clicking the “+” in Document References in the Inspector and navigating to a file in the local file system. In my case, the file had a certain name when I created the reference to it, but I changed the name of the file after creating the external reference itself. Given current behavior, that meant double-clicking the document reference did nothing at all. No error message, nothing.

So, no, I am not referring to the name of a project at “project open time”, but to the name of a file reference created in the Document References section of the Inspector.

Sorry for not being clearer.


Oh, got it, thanks. This one’s still missing the error message, but it should get in there. Now there’s only a tiny hint that the file location has changed in that the icon changes to a blank paper rather than the appropriate icon, although that might not work for all file formats and is certainly pretty subtle. But yes, there should be an error message.