No Formatting Option

I’d absolutely love to see an option that removes all of the formatting from Scrivener other than styles, italics, bold and underline. Everything gets redone during compilation anyway, and while I know intellectually that it won’t matter its very jarring so I can’t help but spend time keeping everything “plain.”
I’d love to be able to randomly cut and paste text in without having to remember to “match styles” or even to be able to set fonts, etc, outside of a project level. This would help to keep the emphasis on content rather than showing a WYSIWYG experience that doesn’t actually match reality.

That would be Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting. It works on whatever documents you have selected in the binder when you click on that menu item, and will give you a pop-up window to select /deselect the kinds of formatting you want to change/avoid changing.

And on that, you can use System Preferences: Keyboard: Shortcuts to override ⌘V in Scrivener to “Paste and Match Style”. You’ll probably want to rebind the ⇧⌥⌘V shortcut to regular paste, because you’ll find you may actually want regular paste more than you thought—especially if you use footnotes, images, inline annotations, revisions, or other special markings. Leaving yourself a shortcut for that will retain the possibility to choose, as you have now, while changing the default result.