No global Preset replace, Find/Replace formats

Am I correct that I cannot replace or globally change already applied Formatting Presets?
For example, I have formatted text as “Caption”. Now for some reason my publisher wishes for these text parts to be highlighted.

If I adjust Preset “Caption”, only texts where I apply the Formatting Presets after the change will be highlighted. Those who already where marked with the Preset remain un-highlighted.

Also, in the Compile window, there is no way to individually change formatting of Format Preset-marked text, right? Only via Text Body and (document/folder) Title.

Also, there is no way to use Find/Replace on formats, right? So changing Italic to Bold, or Highlighted.

Yes, this is all correct, as these are presets, not styles. We are looking into something like what you describe for 3.0, but that is a loooong way away.

You can use Edit > Find > Find by Formatting to find italic text or suchlike, though.

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