No Header or Footer view for one document in split view


I am using Scrivener 2.0 (6076) and Mac OS 10.6.5 on a MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo.

I have a strange problem happening so far in only one of my Scrivener project files. It’s my biggest project file (240,3 MB) and I updated it from 1.5.4.
I checked with the other files I updated from 1.5.4, however, as well as with the Tutorial file and there, the problem doesn’t appear.

So, here it is.

When I click on the “toggle split” button at the upper right corner of a document displayed in the editor, I expect a second pane to appear, either below or next to that document, depending on the type of split I chose previously, and, particularly, I expect that new pane to display a header and a footer view, just as it does in the original pane. That’s what happens in all my Scrivener files except in that particular one.

Instead, I get a second pane devoid of any header or footer bar, which makes it impossible to drag any other document into it or do whatever one can do when these bars are available.
I also tried using the menu commands (View->Layout->Split horizontally or vertically) but the same thing happens, with a slight difference:

  • If I use the button, the new pane (without header or footer bars) will appear either BELOW or TO THE RIGHT of the original pane (which keeps the focus)
  • If I use the menu command, the new pane (without header or footer bars) will appear either ABOVE or TO THE LEFT of the original pane (which keeps the focus).

Unfortunately, I don’t know how you may reproduce the phenomenon, since it seems to affect only one my files and all others seem to work properly.
Any idea what to do?

Thanks in advance and many compliments for the beautiful new version of Scrivener! Many of the new features have become second-nature to me already.


At some point you must have hidden the header and footer view, or used a layout that hides them. With the focus in the affected editor, just go to View > Layout > Show Header View and View > Layout > Show Footer View to show them again.

Hope that helps - and thanks for the kind words!

All the best,


Well that was easy…
So sorry to have taken up your time for such inimportant stuff!!

But I’m glad I now have the solution. I had been using fancy workarounds for days…
Many thanks…