No heading hash marks when using adaptive titles and compiling to Multimarkdown

I’m using adaptive titles, where the title is from the text of the item. These titles are in folders, and the folders should be headings in the compiled document. I’m compiling as Multimarkdown. I’m unable to get Scrivener to insert hashtags around the heading text (which is, of course, the adaptive title). This happens even when I select “Include placeholder titles for untitled items” in the Section Layouts part of the Edit Format dialog. I assign the Header layout to the various folder levels. The Section Layouts has five options (Title, Metadata, Synopsis, Notes, Text). If I select Title OR Text, I get the adaptive title with no hashes at all. If I select BOTH Title and Text, I get the adaptive title TWICE, the first time with the proper hashes, with this followed by the adaptive title again (immediately after in the text) with no hashes. What might I be doing wrong?

Hmm, that looks like an oversight. What seems to be happening is that since the folder is set to only export a title, and it doesn’t have a set title, the condition is tripped that removes the item from the compile process (items without any content at all are ignored). But of course what should be happening is that if the adaptive title setting is enabled, it should be considered content.

I’ll get this filed as a bug. In the meanwhile I’m not seeing a good workaround. I was going to suggest disabling the Title checkbox, and using the <$title> placeholder in the prefix field, but it looks like that placeholder is ignorant of the adaptive title setting—so two bugs for one.

Thanks for the quick and complete response! I’m going to stop using adaptive titles until this is fixed.

That’s probably the best solution for now. The good news is that it is super easy to get back to them when you want, via the Documents ▸ Auto-Fill ▸ Clear Title menu command.