No idea how to type comments in the comments and footnotes section

I go to this section but nothing happens. In text editor, I can only type in notes. Why is that? Isn’t the comments section meant to make comments to myself? Or does it mean something else? And where is it in the manual that explains how to activate this?

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If you haven’t already, please have a look at the interactive tutorial, available from the Help menu.

Comments are anchored to specific locations in the text. As such, you need to place the cursor in the text and use the Insert -> Comment command to create one.


Not completely sure what you mean, but here’s how I do them. (There other ways to use Comments; not claiming this is the best one, but it works for me.)

Basically, Scrivener treats footnotes and comments the same when you’re composing. They both get accessed by hyperlinks from the main text window to the sidebar “Inspector.” (Once you open the Inspector, you have to select the option within Inspector that shows footnotes/comments. On mine, that looks like a little speech bubble icon at the far right of the icon options at the top of the Inspector.) They are both treated almost like little mini-documents in their own right – the formatting is different from the main text window, it’s almost like they’re just floating out there as their own separate thing once created.

The main difference between them is what happens when you compile. You can choose to have them both appear in the compiled document, but the useful way to use them is to have the comments NOT appear in the final document, but the footnotes TO appear in the final document. Then you can make comments to yourself all you want to and they won’t appear in the final document – but you still have the capacity (if you use a “footnote” rather than a “comment”) to make a marginal note appear in the final document. I find this a super way to litter pieces with To Dos or background notes that I can come back to, but don’t have to keep cleaning out of my document as I circulate drafts of it.

There’s lots more to say about how to use them–and a whole “in-line comments/footnotes” option that I never use. Check out the very first line item under the “Help” menu in your Scrivener dropdown bar at the top of the app. It should say “Scrivener Manual” and pull up a 100s-of-pages long immensely detailed manual.

Hopefully that helps as a start? I think the best way to figure out how they work for you is just to play with them for a while.