No Images

I can drag images (png) into my text and they display in-line just fine. But when I export to rtf or doc format, there are no images.

Any ideas?

Are you using version 1.04? In this and prior versions of Scrivener, I have used images extensively and exported RTF drafts that I then opened in either Word or Mellel without a problem.

It could be that you are opening your RTF draft in a program such as TextEdit that does not support inline images in RTF. There is a discussion in section III.5 of the FAQ of the features supported by various formats for the exported draft (and the applications that read these formats): … .php?t=318 .

Hope that helps.

Also, if you are opening in M$FT Weird, does that support graphics in PNG format? … A voice in the back of my head is telling me it doesn’t, but I may be wrong.

Thanks Bryce. Well that’s interesting. I was opening it in Pages. But when I tried OpenOffice, the images are there!

Version 1.04? When I click on “check for updates” I get the message that I’m using 1.03 and this it is the latest version. Is that an error? Should I go to website and download again anyway?

Oops, nope. I meant 1.03.


As far as I know, Pages only reads and writes inline images in the binary format of DOC (produced by Word, Pages, and a few other programs, such as OpenOffice), not in RTF. (For DOC, Scrivener actually writes RTF but uses a DOC extension.)


Sorry, now I’ve got three posts in a row.

Word 2004 supports PNG, and versions on the PC have used libpng for a few years (I’m not sure when Word first supported it).

In 1.03 images are converted to JPEG on export to RTF. Word supports that too.


As mentioned - it’s in the Help file too, so it’s no secret - Scrivener’s .doc export is really just a renamed RTF with the file descriptor changed to that of a Word document. This is perfectly valid - a number of Word documents are done that way, and Nisus does its Word export in the same way. Word and OpenOffice etc will work with this fine.

The trouble with Pages (I believe) is that it uses Apple’s rather shoddy implementation of RTF - Apple’s RTF of RTF does not support footnotes or inline images. This is not a problem with the RTF format; it’s just that Apple never added these features to its own RTF parser. In the case of images, I have no idea why. For the latest beta I implemented a hack that reads images from RTF files, and if I can do a rough implementation in a couple of days, there is no reason for Apple’s parser not to support this. Ho-hum.

Apple’s .doc importer is exactly the same - it doesn’t support inline images, footnotes etc. Do images open in Pages from normal Word .doc documents, out of interest?

Anyway, in short, this is an issue with Pages and not with Scrivener, as it sounds like you have already worked out.

As for 1.04/1.05 - there is a beta available in the Beta Testing forum. The latest official version is 1.03, but the beta is perfectly stable - I just need to update the Help files for it before it becomes official.

All the best,

Yes Pages supports images in the binary DOC format.

Well, that is really unfair. Apple add support for images to Pages, but don’t make that import functionality available in their standard Cocoa .doc import method. Not even in Leopard. (Probably.) Man, that actually really makes me angry. Grr.