No indent 1st line of para under chapter titles, headings

I have searched far and wide on how NOT to allow indenting the 1st line of paragraphs coming immediately below chapter titles, headings, sub-headings etc… Any ideas, suggestions, solutions will be greatly appreciated!!!

PS: Is there any way to insert screenshots in these posts???


There’s no specific option in compile to remove the first-line indent of the first paragraph of a section; you’d need to do this manually either in Scrivener’s editor, and apply Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting to the paragraph, or after compiling, e.g. in a word processor or epub editor depending on your format.

You can insert images in your forum post via the “Upload attachment” tab that appears below the text area when you’re composing your post. Once you’ve added the image there, you’ll have an option to place it inline.

Many, many thanks… Quick answer and to the point!!! :smiley:

… and yes the Upload tab is there but I am obviously not with it… :confused: