No indent of first paragraph

For all scenes and chapters, my document has no indent on the first paragraph but indents on subsequent paragraphs. When I compile I get the indents on all paragraphs, including the first. How do I fix it so the first paragraph isn’t indented?

In the Formatting section of compile, deselect “Override text and notes formatting” to preserve the editor formatting for your document texts.

Thanks, MM.

When I went to compile again, I saw that I already had that option checked. The first paragraph of each scene was still indented when I compiled.

In the Formatting section I have Title and Text checked for the first Level 1+, and Text checked for the other two. Is that correct?

Not sure if that was a typo, but you want the “Override” option not checked. By leaving it unselected, the editor formatting will be used for the text, which is what you want. The title will use your compile formatting either way, since it is only being added at this point and doesn’t have any rich-text formatting already.

They say you see what you expect to see and I read it as ‘select’ because I thought the default setting would be the format in Scrivener.

Thanks again, MM.

I’m having a similar issue. When I compile, I want NO indents on my first paragraph of each chapter. I have a book on Scrivener. The book says to click the Options button in the Formatting tab and 3 options will be enabled: On New Pages Only, At the Start of Each Document, and, After Empty Lines and Centered Text. These options do not come up. Here are the 2 options I get: Insert Subtitles Between Text Elements, and Place Notes After Main Text. Where can I access those options? :unamused:


I think the answer is that this is currently available in the Mac version (2.x) but not the Windows version (1.x). Judging from the following thread and others I turned up with a search on “after empty lines”, I gather it is planned for the Windows version. There has been an indication that they intend to bring the Windows version up to parity with the Mac version by the end of the year.

I could be wrong.

TRFISCHER, your requirement is the same as mine. I had no tab on the opening sentence of each section and that’s how I wanted it printed. Turning off “Override text and notes formatting” achieved that.

I agree the options your book lists apply to the Mac version only. Roll on equivalence.