No indents on iPhone Kindle

Hi. Very frustrated here. Been poring over the forums and spending hours on this, to no avail:

When I Compile my book to .mobi, it formats fine as far as opening it in my Mac’s Kindle Previewer. On all three device types (Phone, tablet, and Kindle E-Reader), everything looks as it should. Indents are there, just as I want them.

But when I email the .mobi to my iphone Kindle app, the paragraph indents are not there! Everything is flush left. Is this just a problem with my particular Kindle app? Like I said, the indents appear just fine when I open it on my Mac’s Kindle Previewer. Why not on my iPhone app? :confused:

Yeah, this is an issue with the made for iOS. For whatever reason Amazon uses an entirely different book reading engine on iOS, and it isn’t capable of reading .mobi files properly.

You may get a better result following these instructions, or as described in FAQ for Kindle Previewer.

Thank you, Amber! I tried sending the .azk document to my iPhone, but got an email back saying it’s not in the right format. SO, should I just not worry about this? Are you saying that once Amazon gets my .mobi file (KDP) it’ll format okay on iPhones?

You must be trying to load it using a different method than I would, as I don’t see how an email would be a possible result. I just used AirDrop to send it to the iOS device, as I recall, or maybe It asks where you want to load it and should be a choice.

But yeah, in general, trust Kindle Previewer to have it right. You can put it in Tablet/Phone display mode and that is what iOS readers will see.

Like others, I’ve searched everywhere for a solution to this and have found nothing so far other than someone saying the iOS Kindle app doesn’t work. As I write this, I have the latest Scrivener (3.2.3), the latest Kindle Previewer (3.71.1), and the latest Kindle app for my iPhone 14 ( My Scrivener project uses the standard paragraph style (not tabs). When I export to ePub, the book looks fine in both Apple Books and Kindle Previewer with all my paragraph indents intact. I then use Amazon’s Kindle email feature to send the document to my iPhone Kindle app, but when I open it, all of the paragraph indents are gone. Has anyone come across a solution for this? Other Kindle books that I’ve purchased and read using the Kindle app have paragraph indents, so it’s obviously possible. Thanks for any help you can provide.

It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that it doesn’t properly read most of the obvious formats you would think to try. That’s the first I’ve heard that Amazon’s email service doesn’t even work though, you’d think that would at least use the proper conversion.

I’ve merged your thread with the previous question on this, see above for links to answers.

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