No jump lists in Windows 10?

I’ve been using Scrivener on the Mac and recently got myself a Surface Pro 3, mainly for write’n’go purposes. One thing I’m missing both from the Mac and from my initial use of Scrivener on Win 7 some years ago is the jump lists! They’re enabled in settings and show for other programs/apps, but not Scrivener. I know this isn’t a huge deal as it’s set to open with the ‘last used’ project, but I’d prefer the jump list so I can pin them to the start screen/taskbar. My SP3 came with Win 10, btw, so not upgraded.

Speaking of which, a nice big Start tile would be lovely too …

As I’m using Windows 10 and the jump list for Scrivener is working for me, I guess I’d have to ask what you’re doing to try and get the jump list to work. Are you dragging the .scrivx project file onto the Scriv icon you have pinned to the task bar? If you haven’t renamed the project file, it will be the file in the project folder called “project.” You should be able to simply drag that to the taskbar icon and pin it there, allowing for that project to be opened via the standard jump list behavior. If you’ve tried this already, then I’m not sure what else can be done and I’d have to defer to the actual staff people for their input.

I have Win 10 Pro x64 and Scrivener for Windows. This is what happened when I first used Scrivener for Windows on Windows 10.

I launched Scrivener, which brought up the New Project panel. Then on the task bar, I single right click the Scrivener icon, and chose to pin to task bar. Then I closed the New Project Panel. Just to see if the icon on the task bar stuck. It did, since I hadn’t opened any projects yet, I didn’t attempt to view jump list. I then opened the tutorial, and then the manual, then I made test project, and then made working projects for Blog, Short Story Collection, Single Novel, Series Novel, brainstorm and Notes, as well as Rrandom. After doing so, and saving them to my liking, and closing all projects. Now when I right click the scrivener icon on the task bar, jump lists show, as well as a more option, which I think is Windows way of hiding but still giving access to Run with Admin status.