No keyboard shortcut options for links

Adding a hyperlink to text is an extremely common editing task and can be achieved from the edit menu under “Add Link.”

HOWEVER, there is no option to apply a keyboard shortcut for this oft-used function under “File/options/keyboard.”
Also, there is no option to add this functionality to either the main toolbar or the formatting toolbar.

It’s very hard to find the function when needed because “add link” falls under the edit menu, rather than the insert menu. (ie. insert a link) This common function needs the ability to add a shortcut or toolbar option, please!

I consider this oversight to be a bug, since this functionality was available in the prior version.

Hi - The function is there, but called it’s called Edit Link under File > Options > Keyboard . Unassigned, available for a user shortcut.The function can also be activated via the accelerator key sequence Alt-e n . Just one level deep, and with no conflicts, so it’s an almost-as-short cut.

Glad you caught the inconsistency; it should be fixed.

Cheers - Jerome

Thanks! That helps a lot.

I know this isn’t what you wanted, but I added an icon to the toolbar for that purpose.

add link.jpg

Actually, that is a HUGE help. Much easier to find that way for something used so often.