No layouts yet created - minor bug

There is a nit-picky minor issue that I would guess has to do with Scrivener’s toolbar initialization. I wouldn’t mention it since it is so minor, but you never know. Finding what skips a bit of init code might lead to greater things.

If I turn off the Inspector and shrink the project window - the whole of Scrivener’s screen real estate - to the point the layout tool has to go hide in the double chevron, I find a minor bug.

Close the project with red X stoplight button to pop back out to the template selection window, use “open recent” to reopen the project, and all looks well.

However, when I reveal “layouts” with the double chevron fly-out gizmo, all I see is a grayed out “No Layouts Yet Created.”

The issue is easily fixed. Choose Window->Layouts->Manage Layouts to view the layout manager, which fixes the problem. You can close the layout manager as soon as it appears. Or, stretch Scrivener back out so the layout manager toolbar icon reappears, then shrink the window back so it hides.

Either way, the flyout “layouts” will now show the library of layouts.

I demure at any notion of an awards ceremony for this landmark research, and, in fact, I decline monetary reward of any degree of abundance. My request for compensation is far more humble.


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I need version 3 to save these precious middle managers. Please. I beg of you.

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