No longer "prints" to Scrivener

For the last two years I’ve made extensive use of “printing” from Firefox and Safari to Scrivener. For those of you who use this, you know that a PDF version ends up in the Scrivener project that is currently active.

My problem: for the last several months, when I select “Print to Scrivener”, instead of saving the PDF file it PRINTS to my printer.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Anyone found a solution?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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What Mac OS?

The Print dialogue box has always offered the PDF option (button lower left, at least as far as Mavericks). Has that button disappeared?

Thanks for the replies. I went off, got it work, then it doesn’t work again, then got it to work temporarily again. Using Mac 10.13.4 High Sierra. If I’m the only one with the problem, perhaps it’s a special feature on my machine. Thanks anyway.

One thing you can try is this:

  1. Quit Scrivener.

  2. In the Finder, navigate to ~/Library/PDF Services (you need to hold down Option while opening the “Go” menu in the Finder to make the Library folder available in the list).

  3. Delete the “Save PDF to Scrivener” file.

  4. Relaunch Scrivener.

This will force Scrivener to recreate the service.

Also make sure that you do not have any other versions of Scrivener installed on your machine.

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Thanks. Went through all the steps, and it still doesn’t work in Firefox (my preferred browser).

HOWEVER, when I tested it with WORD and SAFARI, it works perfectly. Perhaps I inadvertently switched something in Firefox a few months ago.

Regardless, with Safari I can work around it now.