No MathType equation?


I’m sorry if I’m being stupid, but I can’t get MathType to play nicelly with Scrivener. Nothing is passed on to Scrivener from MathType…

Not like what I’m seeing here…

What am I doing wrong?



More info on this. I could not post this before (as this forum does not allow movies as attachments) but here is a link to a movie illustrating the problem.

Do you use any text expanders such as TextExpander or TypeIt4Me? There is a known issue whereby using certain typing expanders or other plugins that use AppleScript behind the scenes can prevent MathType from posting the necessary notifications to Scrivener. I have reported this to MathType, as the break seems to be on their end.

Try restarting Scrivener and MathType and try again, inserting a MathType equation before doing anything else, to check it is working at all.

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No, sorry, no TextExpander or something like that.

I’ve started on a totally new document and tried to insert an equation - nothing. However, I can start MathType and then save as a PDF to the desktop and drag the PDF into Scrivener. When I dubble-click that PDF, MathType will open that equation perfectly and allow me to edit it. However, when I save again, nothing is saved back to Scrivener… :-/

Maybe this is besides the point, but I notice that Scrivener also does not recieve focus when closing MathType. I have to klick inside the window for this to happen… Is this important?

Yes, it definitely sounds as though something is preventing MathType sending the AppleScript hook back to Scrivener. You can tell that Scrivener has sent the necessary information to MathType by the fact that the MathType window acknowledges it is editing an equation for Scrivener. Then, when you close MathType, it should send the information back to Scrivener - it’s at this stage that things are going wrong, which would appear to be on MathType’s side, unfortunately.

Ignoring text expanders, what other plugins do you have installed? Spell catchers or anything like that? There must be something somewhere that is stopping MathType doing its thing.

As a test, please try downloading the file I’ve attached to this post, Unzip it and launch the sample application - this is the sample app that MathType provide developers, so trying it will help determine where the problem lies. Once you’ve launched it:

  1. Make sure that MathType is also open.

  2. Click on “Edit” in the TestEGO app.

  3. This will open a MathType window - create an equation and close the MathType window, then choose to send the equation back to the TestEGO.

Does this work, or does this fail too?

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Nope, that fails too. "Recieved: ".

However, if I close all applications that I have running (Evernote, Moom, Sidekick and stuff like that), I can get the ability to send stuff back to both the test program and Scrivener.

I’ll look into which one of these apps are grabbing focus…


Okay, if it’s failing with the test app, too, then it’s definitely something preventing MathType sending information back. The test app, as I say, is Design Science’s sample app, used to show developers how to implement MathType integration, so if that fails then it’s definitely not on Scrivener’s side. My guess is that one of those open apps is using AppleScript to interact with other applications, and that is the culprit. If you find out which it is, let me know, and I’ll report it to Design Science.


Ok, I think the program causing the problem is Time Track Pro, if started before scrivener is started. Scrivener recieved equations fine if TTP is started after scrivener, but never recieved eqns if it is started after TTP.

Just so you know. I’ve contacted TTP so that they can fix the problem.