No mobile sync

Scrivener OSx will not sync with my iPad. Although recent changes were made on my iPad when I attempt to sync to my Mac I receive the message that “No mobile changes found” Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

Did you tap the sync “button” before closing Scrivener on the iPad, or rather before opening the project on your Mac?

  1. Dropbox on your Mac syncs automatically. So, generally speaking, the Mobile Sync button in Mac Scriv will not have any work to do.* Did you actually look into the project file from your Mac to confirm the changes you made on the iPad were actually missing from the project?

  2. I’m favoring explanation #1. But other, remoter, possibilities: a) When you have linked ios Scriv to Dropbox, ios Scrivener has two areas for projects: “Dropbox” and “On My iPad”. Is the project you opened and modified actually listed under “Dropbox” in ios Scriv’s (topmost) project list? b) Is ios Scriv syncing its project to the same Dropbox folder you are opening the project from on your Mac?


  • It has a purpose in certain circumstances, of course. But in the ordinary course of things, if you synced from iPad, then went to your Mac and opened the project from there, then your Mobile Sync button in Mac Scriv would have nothing to do. Chapter 12 of the mac Scriv user manual says useful stuff about what this button might actually be for.

It’s my suspicion there’s a ghost living in cyberspace, causing havoc whenever people try to sync with dropbox.

who you gonna call???


Its a clunky way to keep Scrivener files synced but I had to sync both my IOS files to Dropbox and then Sync OSX files - very slow process and not very “elegant.” Hopefully updates to syncing won’t take years. Thanks for the suggestions.

Though you seem a little grumpy about it, I gather you found that if you followed the steps to set up for and sync, it worked.


P.S. After the initial syncing up of a project file, update syncs typically don’t take but a little time.

P.P.S. Some people have been fooled by the new Sync to Mobile button in macOS Scriv (exacerbated by its pop up help text) into thinking pressing it is the way to sync with their iOS Scriv. It does seem to me misleadingly named – it does not do what its name suggests and its name does not suggest when you would actually use it. As far as I can see, in the ordinary course of events one does not use that button.