No moderator on Tech Support Forum?

I posted some problems in Tech Support the other night, relating to my first time through the Tutorial. I am appalled at the first response I read just a few minutes ago. It was contemptuous, sarcastic and insulting. The poster - shass was wrong in every respect, insisting that certain actions took place on my screen, when he was not present to witness them. I grant you that they should have taken place, but that they did not was the reason for my posting to get help. I am amazed that his post was even allowed, assuming that such obnoxious -and useless - remarks wouldn’t be tolerated, and would be excluded from being posted, or would at least be removed promptly.

Now I have not only wasted time responding in Tech Support and this Forum, but I have learned nothing that would help solve the problem. This is a very poor introduction to what seems to be a great writing tool, which I planned to purchase if I found the Trial version sufficiently alluring. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get that vibe from him/her. There are a number of non-English speakers on the forums, so it’s always best to take people with a healthy grain of salt.

And as for obnoxious, there’s a fair amount of banter that goes on. Everyone’s a target sooner or later.

Posts go through without needing approval here. We’re big boys and girls; moderators don’t pick and choose what goes through. The moderators for each forum are listed at the top of the page, so if you think something needs to be bought to their attention… well.

And… look. In all honesty? Your own post (and later comments) came across as rather rude and passive-aggressive. Simply pointing out the mistakes without the commentary - or simply omitting them, since they are rather minor and seem to have little to nothing to do with your issue with script mode - would likely have netted you a politer response. The first time I read your post? I back buttoned before I actually got to the issue you were having, because it seemed like the entire point was to sneer at perfectly human, minor slips in a fairly large document.

Most of the people who actually hang out on the forums, rather than just visiting when they have an issue to fix do so because we like Scrivener. The disparging tone probably didn’t sit that well. Not trying to attack you or anything, but you might find things nicer around here if we all call this a wash and start over.

And as garpu says - we’re a pretty laid back forum, and we don’t stand on formality. People joke around. Generally no one means anything by it at all - and, remember, that things can sometimes seem harsher written down than they would in the writer’s head or face-to-face, since it can’t be moderated by tone or facial expression.

And on another note? These forums =/= Scrivener. Most of us here are end users, not staff.

Also, don’t be offended if things vere off topic, especially once the “solution” if there is one has been presented.

For instance:

You kids these days with your long-winded pseudo math symbols. Why there’s two ways of saying that two just 2 symbols that pop to my head, and they’re gonna be a bit clearer beside.


Take that, youngster!

… see how we rib each other here, friendly like? When I use disparaging words, they’re couched in cranky-old-man speak even though I have NO idea what the age difference is between me and our friendly neighborhood time-traveling law-enforcement professional.

HOw long until Vic-K makes a reference to booze? :slight_smile:

About half a pint, usually…

Yeah, it’s still early over there, I believe. :wink:

As others have noted, the forums here are not heavily moderated.

Reading the thread in question, it does look like your questions were ultimately answered. If that is not the case, please don’t hesitate to post again, or to contact our tech support team directly.

Thank you for considering Scrivener,


As if that’s a deterrent for Vic-K.

Well, he does have to wake up from the previous night’s imbibing.

True. It’s always after 5 p.m. somewhere in the world. :wink: