No new updates this Spring at all?

Got word from one of their reps that they don’t even know whether updates are planned this spring at all. Despite plenty of enhancement suggestions continuing to roll in. And I would imagine a few bug reports to be addressed. Wonder whether that means sales are down and dev work frozen, or just general lack of planned releases and at least maintenance releases could nevertheless happen. Let’s hope it doesn’t devolve into a full-on abandonware like The Novel Factory!

What are you even talking about?

We don’t announce upcoming releases, so the lack of an announcement says nothing about any planned enhancements (or lack thereof).

The developer is actively engaged in improvements to Scrivener: I discussed a possible bug with him last week. The idea that Mac Scrivener is in danger of becoming “abandonware” is too ridiculous to warrant a response.


Do you know many L&L reps?

Plenty of enhancement suggestions range from the ‘perhaps’ to the ridiculous so the number if suggestions bears no relation to what enhancements or bug fixes Keith may have in mind. As Keith has stated Scrivener development is not guided by popularity contest.

As Katherine said, L&L don’t pre-announce their releases.

Given the steadily increasing number of members in several FB groups dedicated to Scrivener on it’s platforms run by several members of thus forum (I know who you are… 8) ) I’d say Scrivener has an ever increasing user base and is in no danger of disappearing…

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Interesting that this is the fist post from this user…

All the wording is suspicious. We’ve seen an uptick of these types of subtle negative posts at my employer. Mostly from SE Asia IP. We’ve concluded it is either a bot of a paid detractor. All of which is disappointing.