No page breaks when compiling 'as is'

I need to retain my fonts as they appear in scrivener when I compile. I am not using folders - each document is an entire chapter. To retain the fonts I have selected ‘as is’ from the section layouts. This works fine, except that there are no page breaks between the documents.

I notice that in the ‘as-is’ layout preview it says ‘page break (folders only)’ and I suspect this is the problem, as I am not using folders. However, scrivener is beautifully customisable, so I’m sure there is a work around. I just need help finding it :slight_smile:



There’s no need to use “as-is” for this - you can just customise the Section Layouts to look how you want. You need to edit the Compile format you are using - so Ctrl-click on the format in the Compile window sidebar and choose “Edit Format…” (or “Duplicate & Edit Format…” if you are using a built-in format which cannot be edited directly). Then you can either update the “Separators” area to make page breaks before each document the default, or update the section layouts to look how you want your text to look (turning off the formatting override seeing say you want the fonts to stay the same).

Basically all customisation is done by editing or duplicating and editing a format like this, which gives you complete control over how your text will look.

All the best,