No Paragraph Formatting on Export

My apologies if this has before, I did check.

I’ve published a couple of books on Amazon without a problem, but with my latest one the text overflows the guide boxes. I’ve tried both 5.06" x 7.81" and 6" x 9", but it makes no difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The typical culprits:

  • For any paragraphs over-extending the format: check them in the editor and see if they are unnecessarily styled. If they are necessary, you need to decide whether to fix their formatting in the project’s style list, or whether it’s best to fix the formatting in the compile Format. A good reason for the latter is if you otherwise compile to A4 for proofing, and wouldn’t want tiny paragraphs because you made them look good for paperback.
  • And for the “is it plugged in” query: when you load compile, is everything assigned to reasonable Layouts in the middle preview column?

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I tried everything without success, I’ll need to dig deeper.

Thanks again.