No Paragraph indents in mobi file


First time post. My wife has written a novel in Word (Mac). It’s now my job to figure out how to convert it to the mobi Kindle format. I’ve downloaded the Scrivener Demo (2.1) , KindleGen and the Kindle viewer. I import her Word file in Scrivener, compile it for the KIndle and everything looks great except all of the paragraph indents are missing.

In her original Word file, each indent is a TAB. While in Scrivener, her manuscript looks correct. All indents are visible. In Scrivener, if I compile to an RTF file, or to a PDF file instead, all indents are retained. I only lose them while compiling to mobi.

I hope I can get this to work and purchase the program. it looks really great once I can get this issue sorted out.



This is because e-books use HTML, and HTML doesn’t support tabs, so tabs won’t appear in e-books such as .mobi or .epub files. Instead, you need to set first line indents. You can achieve this by using the “Formatting” pane of Compile, overriding the formatting, and adding a first line indent to the main text using the ruler.

Hope that helps.

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That was the part of the puzzle that I was missing. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.