No readable text after transferring files from one computer to anothe


I hope you can help. I have Scrivener on two computers, I’m switching the computer I do my writing on to a new one. I uploaded the files from my old laptop to Google Drive and downloaded them to my new computer. When I open a project, it creates a back up and then all of the text looks like code. This did not happen on my old computer when a backup was created. Both computers are using Windows 8.1 - it seems like something is happening when Goggle Drive zips the data and then it is unzipped, it seems to corrupt the files. I’ll have to dig out an old key drive to transfer the files, I guess, but there are a lot of them, any suggestions?


Backup the projects as zip files on the old computer and transfer them using some other cloud service.

Or even simpler: Get yourself a Dropbox account and copy the whole projects to the Dropbox folder on the old PC. Let everything sync with the Dropbox server. Then start the new computer, install Dropbox on that one too, wait for everything to be downloaded from the Dropbox server, and then simply open the projects on the new computer.

thanks for the suggestion, that worked.