No reliable way of exporting editable text

I am very interested in Scrivener, though I am not yet convinced of the advantages it offers over a regular tool like OpenOffice Writer.

All the same, once it is launched, I will seriously consider buying it.

I have a medium length academic document to write and have started using Scrivener to write it. All the same, I need to know that I can escape back to a regular .doc or similar file if I hit serious problems. I can live with occasional crashes (by saving frequently).

The real problem is that I can’t export editable text:

.doc - I don’t have MSWord installed
.odt - seems to require MSWord too
.rtf - appears to be a bug (have reported it) causing some text sections to be broken into one character per line.

If I could be assured of being able to export in any one of these formats, I would be happy to carry on.
Otherwise, I just can’t risk it.