No response from you

I have raised queries with you before and have always received an automated response followed by an answer in due course. Over the last seven days, however, I have raised the same query on four occasions through the website query form, and also emailed but have not even had the automatic electronic confirmation of receipt from you, which leads me to believe that either my requests are vanishing into cyberspace unseen or that the query system is broken and no one is currently at Literature and Latte. This post is a last resort. Is anybody there?

Check your junk mail? Or any rules in place to delete junk mails?

Perhaps ask your question here also?

Or are you just testing them?

We are definitely here, and receiving queries from other people. If you haven’t received even the automated response, the most likely reason is that your junk mail filter has decided it doesn’t like us.

Yes, I have checked the junk mail. First thing I did. Perhaps someone at your end could check to see if you have actually received my queries? The first one was sent on Thursday 16 June, 6 days ago (4 so-called “business” days).

Definitely not “testing them”. I haven’t set up any rules to delete any emails, and unless my provider has suddenly started to delete them silently without telling me I have no idea what’s going on. And the change must have happened in the last 5 months because I did get emails from them at that point, even the automated ones. Never had this trouble before from anyone.

Until you figure out was is wrong with you submitting a query or your receiving email, what is the question?

Just for the record, unless you are using another email address to contact us, than what you have here on the forum, we don’t have anything from you recently. The most recent was a correspondence back in January. (As far as I can tell, it’s not in our spam filter as well.)

Something you can try doing is visiting the help desk page and creating an account with your preferred address. You can create requests there as well as review older tickets made by that same address. That should all around be a lot more reliable than email.