No response lag with Windows 10


I updated to windows 10 and scrivener is the only program that is having a response problem and was just wondering if anyone here could help me. I will be in the middle of typing and the program will stop responding for a few seconds and them go back to working fine fore a moment and then it does the no response thing again and it is continuous like this and was wondering what I could do to stop this.

Thank you for your time!

I’m not aware of any changes simply in updating to Windows 10 that would cause lag, so it might be related to some other outdated software or drivers on the machine. That said, the simplest first step is to adjust the auto-save interval under the General tab of Tools > Options. Scrivener writes changes to the hard drive every 2 seconds of inactivity by default, so if that’s taking longer, you could be getting occasional lag when you pause just long enough for the save to start, then try to go back to working while the save is in progress. Changing the interval to 5 or 8 might be enough to smooth it out.