NO "Revision Mode" for Scrivener Windows 1.9?

Revision mode (akin to track changes in MS word) exists in Mac version but not in 1.8 windows version. This is what was apparently said about the revision mode for windows a year earlier:

Revision mode in windows
September 10, 2014 22:54
How Can We Help? Windows / PC
Revision mode is not currently a part of the Windows version. Scrivener has released the following statement:
“It is not yet possible to use revision mode in Scrivener for Windows,
although this feature is planned for inclusion in a future release. I’m afraid we
can’t be more specific about the timeframe for introducing new features,
other than to say that the developers are working very hard to implement
planned functionality as soon as possible, and that this feature is definitely on
the roadmap. Thank you for your interest in Scrivener.”

Source: … in-windows

With the new windows 1.9 version now out, any idea if revision mode is available in it? If yes, can anyone tell me where to find it because I am unable to locate it in 1.9 windows.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s the available info:


Thanks for sending this.
So from what I understand, the 1.9 version for windows has now been officially released and there is no revision mode in it. Right?

Correct. Revision mode isn’t planned for 1.x but for the next major version (2.0 rather than a point upgrade as 1.8 to 1.9), part of a larger overhaul to the editor and text system.

I do want to clarify that revision mode on Mac (and as it will be on Windows) is only vaguely akin to Word’s track changes. Track changes on the scale of Microsoft Word is a huge project that’s just not feasible with the size of our teams (1-2 developers per platform), but comments and annotations, the convenience of revision mode colors, snapshots, and so forth all work to achieve a similar goal.

Revision mode is basically just working with a constant text colour, so everything you type is in red, or blue, or whatever revision colour you have. It’s not a layer of markup, tied to a commenter name, which can be accepted or rejected later, with the original document untouched underneath. With revision mode, if you want to mark text to be deleted without actually deleting it, you use strikethrough and that strikethrough line will be in the revision colour. You can search for the edits in that revision colour, skipping through all the documents in your project to see each bit of revised text, and taking whatever action you need on it. Comments, inline annotation, etc. are the same as normal.

It’s July 4, 2020 and still no “Revision Mode” in Scrivener for Windows.
Current version: 14Nov 2019


There never will be. All development is in v. 3, currently in Beta, Release Candidate stage. That has revision mode.



Hi Lothius, to add to Mark’s point, be sure to read Jennifer’s post directly above yours. Scrivener’s Revision Mode is nothing like Word’s track changes. Revision Mode provides a way for you to manually assign colors to your revisions, nothing more and nothing less.

Just trying to manage your expectations. If you’re expecting Track Changes, you’re gonna be disappointed. :blush: If you want more info on Revision Mode, download the Scrivener Mac manual, because Windows’ version will work exactly the same.