No right click for one project.

I have been working on one project for a while. 114,000 words, lots of chapters, some full, some drafts, some just synopses. But today I’ve come to CTRL-click within one of the chapters, and nothing happens. I can still CTRL-click from within in binder, just not the text.

Also, and a little stranger, when I try to change the chapter / section titles, it’s not only not letting me change the chapters title, but if I then click on another chapter, it changes the title of THAT chapter, too. I hope this is only a one-off and nothing too serious…I really like this program!

I’ve created a brand new project, and the CTRL-click for text works fine, as well as renaming chapters.

I can the .scriv file to e-mail if you’d like to look at it in more depth, but it’s currently 5.1MB and may crash my e-mail program if I send it.

I’ll try! =)


Yes, could you send me the project, please? Also, follow these steps:

  1. Open (search for it via Spotlight).
  2. In Scrivener, ctrl-click in a project where it’s not working.
  3. Look at for any errors (in bold). I will wager a bet that it will say something about a the value of an NSTextField not being allowed to be nil (!=nil) or some such.

Does one of your documents have a blank title?

I think I have fixed this bug for 1.04 (which will be available in a week or two), but if you send me the project then I can check and be sure.

Thanks and all the best,

When I search for in Spotlight it says “No Results Found”. Hmm. That’s a good start.

Yes, many of my titles are blank, which I did about a week ago… I deleted what was there because I didn’t know what to call them. Could that be what’s causing it? Didn’t know it would be a problem.

Anyhoo, I’ve mailed it. Hope it helps!


Wait…never mind, it’s me being a fool. Got console messages such as:

“2007-04-25 21:29:33.830 Scrivener[271] Invalid parameter not satisfying: aString != nil
Warning: unrecognized command line flag -psn_0_5373953”

It shouldn’t be a problem - it’s a bug. Thanks for sending your project - I’ve just tested it, and the bug is indeed fixed for 1.04. So you won’t experience these problems when the update is released in a week or so. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks and all the best,