No Scrivener App on Dropbox

Okay, heading out traveling. Decided to take my ipad with dropbox. I use a Windows pc for work. There are no apps on my Dropbox. When I tried to find Scrivener, I couldn’t. Any help deeply appreciated (and I know I left this too late…

If saved as zip file on Dropbox extract file onto computer/ iPad and open scriv or scrivx file to open project. There is no app on dropbox

Okay, I thought there was an Apps folder. Not sure how to get Scrivener onto Dropbox. The windows Scrivener? The ipad Scrivener? I’ll nose around but, sorry, this only confuses me more.

I think he meant Scrivener won’t be on dropbox. You have to install it.
Dropbox will only have your project. That’s it.
And it is a different version of Scrivener that you need. (Not the windows one.)

Find (or create) a Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder on the PC. Put the project in it and ensure that it has synchronized to the Dropbox server.

Install iOS Scrivener on the iPad via the iOS App Store. Follow the instructions in the Tutorial project to connect it to your Dropbox account.

Probably a stupid question, but have you purchased & installed the iOS Scrivener app on your iPad?

It’s a separate app from the Windows & Mac desktop versions. iOS Scrivener has less features than the desktop version, particularly when it comes to compiling, but it will let you work on your project.

There are some screenshots in the app store and L&L’s product page.


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Yes, Scrivener was on, Dropbox was on. I fumbled my way to a solution by uninstalling and reinstalling both, then making a test file on ipad to find out where it landed in dropbox. My files are not in an Apps folder (where I think an executable should be?), but I can access them. Thank you very much for your comments, and just for being here and supportive during my frustration.

No, the Scrivener executable should not be in the Dropbox Apps folder (or anywhere else in Dropbox). The PC executable won’t work on the iPad, so why would you want to store it there?

These wonderfully succinct instructions seem worth repeating as there seems some continued confusion.

In the Scrivener iOS app, you will configure Scriv to access the Dropbox server directly (by default pointed at an Apps/Scrivener subfolder). Note: You do not use the Dropbox app on ios for anything in the workflow.

There are no apps (of any kind) on Dropbox (anywhere). Dropbox and Scrivener are entirely separate things, but iOS Scrivener uses the Dropbox API (application programming interface) to sync project files between Dropbox (a cloud service) and the Scrivener app. That means Scrivener (on iOS only) makes programatic calls to Dropbox (2-way communications) asking for lists of files, retrieving those files, etc.

By default (but it can be changed), iOS Scrivener expects to find projects in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener, and that’s where they’d be on Windows or Mac PCs.