No selection on right-click

CASE: I was putting my poems into scrivener for trying to organize them better, I found a [bug]. I imported the text with over 100 poems and then wanted to split it up. I started at the bottom of the page, right-clicked where I wanted to split, but the pointer remained at the bottom of the page and split “nothing” into new scrivenings.

WORKAROUND: How did I get it to work:

  1. leftclick for selection (required to do first!!!)
  2. rightclick > 3) “split on selection”


  1. rightclick > 2) “split on selection”

Because this is also happening with any other rightclick actions [cut, copy, past, scrivener link], is it meant to be so that rightclick doesn’t move the selection/pointer?

P.S. to be clear the ‘selection’ mentioned above is an null-selection / only moved my pointer (’|’) within the text.