No Selection

I have a Scrivner Gold project that shows as 672 kb under Get Info but that only reports No Selection when I try to open a file. Under Draft, all the headings show but none open to the contents. Does anyone know of some secret and hopefully easy answer to how to get the data back?

– garison

As nobody has posted an answer, I will offer a little suggestion which is, at best, a guess because I do not own Scrivener Gold. My suggestion is based on the assumption that like the current Scrivener it uses a package to save data. If I’m wrong, this won’t work and in any case I appear to be 3 years too late 8)

Simply right click (or control-click) on the project in the finder and select “Show Package Contents” from the context menu. Rummage around in there, and hopefully you may find what you seek.


Yeah, Scrivener Gold hasn’t been supported for years now, so it wouldn’t shock me if an old project isn’t opening right. What Eddy suggests is sound; the old project format is fundamentally like the Scrivener 1.x format—you should be able to go in there and get the RTFD files out. What I’d do is drag them all out into the Finder and then import them into a new Scrivener project and sort it all out in the new binder.