No smart quotes in inspector Comments/Footnotes?

Is there a reason why the (automatic) smart quotes don’t work in the inspector comments/footnotes? Is it a bug? Is there a way to fix this?

Most of the footnotes references in my PhD thesis have smartquotes in it (in French, you put smartquotes around a title when you a referencing an article for example), so it is a lot of work to manually insert the smart quotes every time.

Thanks again for your help,


PS. Not sure if it’s like this in the Mac version? I’m too worried to open my project on another platform to test this, sorry. :slight_smile:

This is on the list. I believe the limitation has to do with the way the text fields work in the inspector comments and footnotes, so the auto-replacements don’t kick in. You’ll notice that none of the autocorrections function in these areas, not just the smart quotes; ideally we’ll get spell checking and so forth all working here.