No specific option to remove "[Open in Scrivener]" project links when compiling to eBook formats

I’m using Scriv 3.x on Windows. Compiled a project to ePub3 format and found that section links back to the original Scrivener project sections were included. i.e. “[Open in Scrivener]” links would appear on front page and under each chapter heading.

When trying to remove these I discovered that there’s an option to do so for almost every other format (see screenshot), but not for ePub/mobi. But unchecking the ‘link to Scrivener’ box in another format (eg. docx, PDF) does also remove them from an ePub format compilation.

None of this is mentioned in the L &L documentation for compiling specifically to eBook formats. I don’t like guessing so much when I’m having to read a manual… :wink:

  1. Hoping this helps others with the same problem (I spent a good hour trying to figure this out).
  2. Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance.