“No style” formatting differs between Mac and iOS

I have set the main text formatting on Mac to a particular font so that when I start a new document or set a paragraph to “no style” it has this non default look. Unfortunately whenever I make edits on the ipad it will have the default setting for “no style” as the formatting cannot be changed here. This means that when I get back to the mac I will have a weird mess of paragraphs in different fonts all using the “no style” setting.

“No Style” isn’t a setting–it’s a lack of any kind of styling/setting. So what you’re describing is the default formatting for un-styled (i.e. “No Style”) text.

If you want to change the default formatting font on iOS so that it matches your Mac’s default font, check this article out: scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … ing-on-ios

Hey rdale, sorry for the late response and thanks for clarifying. I will have a look at that link!