No Style in Scrivener for iOS

Apologies if this has been covered, but I can’t find anything that explains whether the No Style style has ever been implemented in Scrivener for iOS. The lack of this can sometimes be a huge problem. I can think of a kludgy workaround, but that shouldn’t be necessary. It should be right there in the style list as it is on my Mac.

Related, at one time there was a way to export one’s Mac styles (presumably Windows as well) to Dropbox for use with Scrivener for iOS. Is that still a thing? For the record, I have the very latest versions of both Mac and iOS Scrivener.

All text in all versions of Scrivener is “No Style” by default.

Styles are inherent in the project and will travel with it wherever it goes. Note however that fonts do not travel with the project, so you may need to make your preferred font available on the iOS device. Instructions here: Using Fonts Across Platforms / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

You may know this already, but the way to set or use default formatting (“no style”) in iOS Scrivener is to select some text, then:

  • Tap the Paintbrush icon.
  • Tap “Formatting options”.
  • Tap either “Set as Default Formatting” or “Use Default Formatting” as appropriate.

AFAIK, no other interface is provided in iOS Scrivener.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you KEWMS and SilverDragon. I now see where you can select “Use Default Formatting” I was looking for the equivalent to the Mac’s style selection “No Style” under the “paint brush”, and there’s no such option in the list of PARAGRAPH STYLES. One has to go to Formatting Options, which is somewhat counter-intuitive.

And yes, thanks, I do understand how the default formatting works, and I like that approach. Thanks again.

“No Style” is not just a different style with a funny name, it literally means that no style is applied to the text. Which is why you won’t find it on the Styles palette.

The distinction may seem silly within Scrivener itself, but is critically important once you start trying to Compile the project.