No Style is fine, but I still need to see paragraph indents

Is there a way to still see new paragraph indents even though I’m writing in “No Style”? The paragraph indents are a very helpful visual clue for where you are within a given section and it’s distracting for me to write in such a different way than the printed page will look.

Any ideas if this is possible?

Many thanks

You control the formatting of ‘no style’ default paragraphs in either

a) Preferences > Editing > Formatting (for new documents in this and every new project)

b) Project > Project Settings > Formatting (for this project only - make sure you tick the appropriate box and it will override the default from a) in this project).

In either you just click in the dummy text box and give it a first line indent as you wish by changing the ruler accordingly:

You can convert existing documents to the new format by selecting them in the binder and choosing Documents > Convert > To default Text Formatting.


Thank you so much Brookter- I had tried both of those, but evidently it doesn’t apply to an existing document? You have to create a new document to see the changes, it would appear. (Scrivener 3)

Actually, this is the same thing that was causing trouble with me yesterday, and I think it’s just a tiny bug in 3. When you make a style change, you have to select the text, go to the dropdown and re-select the style (even though it’s already displayed as the active style). Doing this updates the text to look correct.

Maybe this is not a bug at all and was purposefully done for some advanced reason a noob like myself wouldn’t predict.

The new defaults by design apply to new documents only, but as I said in my last paragraph — you can convert old documents to use the default paragraph formatting with Documents > Convert > Default Text Formatting.

Be careful, though – you can’t undo this, so try it out on a dummy document first to be sure you understand how it reacts with the other styles you’re using.

The easiest way to convert a single paragraph into No Style is simply to put your cursor in the paragraph and hit cmd-opt-0. This will work immediately and will update the drop down box accordingly.

It’s worth looking at the default shortcuts for styles – they’re all based around cmd-opt-number and you can change them to suit your needs.

For example, I’ve set all my documents to be cmd-opt-…

0: no style
1: Heading 1
2: Heading 2
3: Heading 3
4: Heading 4
5: Title
6: Blockquote
7: Emphasis
8: Strong
9: Centred text.

I only use the drop down box or the Style Panel (Ctl-s) for rarely used styles.

To change the shortcut for a particular style, select some text using then Format > Style > Redefine Style from Selection > . You’ll get the definition box and you can assign the keystroke. Or pull up the Style Panel (ctl-s), right click on the style and choose the shortcut option.


Thank you so much – that makes sense. I figured I was misunderstanding something (and skipping over your thorough explanation in my haste to continue writing).