No such thing as good writing

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There’s no such thing as good screenwriting.


How very traditional.

It’s been years since I did any screenwriting/producing – TV documentaries in the Sixties and Seventies – but that’s essentially the way we worked then. A recursive process, really: what do we want, what can we get, what do we have, how can we juggle this, can we re-shoot, this isn’t what we expected but it works, let’s put it together this way instead of that, a great opening shot but it belongs at the end, have to re-write the v/o, etc ad inf. And always, rewrite.

Entirely different from, at least in my experience, the business of writing fiction, where the rewrite is forced by my own sense of character or narrative flow or mood.

And just about half-way between those two – screen writing and fiction writing – you find theatrical script writing (drama, if you will). So much easier to re-write a stage direction than to re-shoot a scene.



Strained humor. Or humour, if you will.


No no.

I meant: since when has writing for theatre equated to drama?

I’m not saying it never happens (or even that it doesn’t happen a lot) but it’s a BIG generalisation.

… which was my initial point.

I did say it was strained.


Oh right!

Sorry. Doing Commedia D’ell Arte for a while has reduced my sense of humour to that which is about as subtle as brick.

tscha English people and their cryptic jokes.

Goes to bed

Perhaps; but there is definitely such a thing a s bad writing…