No support for 4k?

I’ve been using the Mac version for some time. Just bought the Windows version. It doesn’t work with a 4k monitor. Icons are jumbled up and way too small to see. Many of the buttons have text that is cropped off the ends so it’s hard to tell what the button does. The text outside of the editor window is so small and condensed it’s nearly impossible to use. Is there any way to make this work or did I just waste $40?

Prolly wasted your $40. Scriv for windows seems to be in the backwater. The Mac version steams ahead, although we have been assured that the windows version will eventually have the same bells and whistles. However, most current users will be sucking on arrowroot biscuits and dribbling their tea by the time this happens. The clue is in the number of unanswered posts on this windows forum compared to the Macs. No TLC here.

Interesting that you get this feeling from the support on this forum, when I and others feel the exact opposite.

The others presumably are not the ones with no answers to their posts? The users who have lost work and not received any assistance? There seems to be few unanswered posts on the mac forum.
Be assured it is not the ever helpful Scriv users that come here and do their best that lets the side down.

And this has what to do with 4k resolution support, shass? If you’re going to contribute to a thread and be all sour in it, at least try to stick to the topic.

In this case, instead of telling someone else they wasted their money, you could have done a simple search in the knowledge base and found an article that would likely help them out with the answer to their question, explain the limitations, and confirm that the problem will not only be addressed, and is already is functional in internal builds.

As to forum threads, there’s no way we could provide comprehensive support to the entire board, every single thread, we do our best, but that’s generally not how forums work. If you need direct support we do provide that, for free even.

A fix exists. … i-displays
For confirmation, search for and review posts here regarding display issues (now resolved) on Lenovo Yoga high resolution laptops and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. Seems reasonable that this will be resolved in the next major release of Scrivener.

The issue does not occur in all 4K situations.

In my case, I’m using Scrivener on a 50 inch 4K UHD 3840x2160 60hz chroma 4:4:4 capable Samsung UN50JU6500 big screen TV, driven over a cheap Amazon house brand HDMI 2 cable (handles this where more expensive supposed premium HDMI 2 cables don’t), by an Nvidia Geforce GTX960 graphics card, in Windows 10, without having to employ the above fix. (The chroma 4:4:4 requirement is to assure small text doesn’t blur or color fringe due to color compression.) Support for this has become common in 2016 4K UHD sets. For details as to compatibility and tuning and to assure a given make/model meets this requirement, see As far as I know, only the Nvidia Geforce GTX9xx family of display cards (and just announced now pending GTX10xx family) currently support this over HDMI 2. Hopefully AMD and Intel will begin to.

I can’t speak to the situation of physically large ultra high resolution traditional PC monitors driven by other display cards/chips, as I don’t have experience with that.

I tried the ‘fix.’ As I’ve noticed other’s posts in this forum, the ‘fix’ makes all of the fonts fuzzy. Geez, that’s not a fix. I couldn’t even last 30 seconds before my head started to pound from my eyes desperately trying to focus and re-focus on the goo spots that are suppose to be characters.

The technical note says the problem is that the app was written using the Qt Framework…what? Really? Why on earth would you not use something wildly popular and from MS like WPF? Trying to be cross-platform…sorry, that train never works. Instead of ‘write-once, run everywhere,’ it always turns out as ‘write-once, run no where very well.’ This is just another shining, out-of-focus, example.

Really makes me question the underlying code, architecture, and design of the Windows app. Perhaps there’s a reason shass has noticed so many unresolved problems. The app is crap.

Looks like a wasted $40.

Admittedly, you’ve never been able to see it well enough to use it, which is not your fault; but the app is not crap. It’s built on an outdated code base (to the extent that I understand such things). If we’d all paid $100 for it (closer to what it’s worth!), no doubt L&L could have hired enough programmers to have it running beautifully everywhere. But they’ve chosen to keep the price unreasonably low to make it more available to starving-artist types. The result is an excellent program from a small company that performs terrific things on many platforms. Hopefully we’ll soon see it working well in more current settings; but “crap” it is not.

Edit: Deleted because I suppose displaying immaturity in response to someone else’s immaturity is still not the right thing to do. Sorry if I offended people by stating that someone else probably should’ve done their due diligence before complaining about things for no reason.

What an amazingly immature post Sanguinius. Why now you can clap your little flippers together and throw yourself a herring. What a good boy.