no sync button

Hi, I’m just getting started and excited to do so. Got an issue right off the bat. The video tutorial for syncing with Dropbox says go to File and click Sync underneath Import and Export. But there is no Sync button there.
I did check and update says I’m all up to date.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

PS I do have both a Skydrive and a Dropbox account, with
Windows 8. Do they both work the same? Thanks.

OK, I figured it out, my ignorance, surprised no one replied. There is no sync feature in the Windows version. And the video tutorials are for Macs. It never occurred to me there’d be that difference. Learning…

There will be in due course. The Windows version is intended to have parity with the Mac version … but the Mac version had 5 years’ development before the work started on the Windows version.