No table of contents options


Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but it is driving me crazy and I cannot find the answer.

When I Compile in the kindle format, my finished product has no TOC.

The L&L ‘how to export a ebook’ video shows a ‘Ebook options’ tab which has some TOC options.

These are in a different place in my software, but all the html options are selected.

Why do I have no TOC?! See attachment.

Thanks v much in advance.


It looks like the software is doing precisely what you have told it to. :wink:

You’ve declared your own custom ToC page in the Binder, and then left it empty, if the icon is to be trusted. If you want a custom ToC then you need to fill that in. If not, just remove it from the Binder and Scrivener will automatically create one for you.


thank you- you are correct. I didnt realise I didnt need to create my own Contents section.



i have a issue also my tab appears missing meaning i can’t include any links into my formatted e-book can anyone help?

What do you mean by your “tab appears missing”? What tab? Well, if you’re going by the screenshots above and are missing a compile pane from the list you see, that’s because you’re posting about Windows in the Mac forum. :slight_smile:

And in the Windows version, internal Scrivener Links do not convert to proper ePub cross-references yet. Cross-reference style linking needs to be added post-compile, using editing software such as Sigil.