No tables in Project Notes

I am finding the new Project Notes feature very useful. But I find I cannot create (or copy) a table into a project notes window. Is this a feature or a bug?

But here’s a workaround:

  • make a table as an ordinary document
  • find it in the \xxx.scriv\Files\Docs folder
  • copy it to the \xxx.scriv\Files\ProjectNotes folder
  • create a new Project Note tab
  • replace the new Note-xx.rtf file with the copied Docs file
  • and the table shows up fine in Project Notes.

Am I risking anything by doing this?

Project Notes actually picks up tables from the HTML clipboard, but not from the Rich Text clipboard, which Scrivener’s editor prioritizes. So if you create a table in the editor, and want it to appear in Project Notes, you can copy it out into an HTML editor such as Kompozer or BlueGriffon, and copy it from there into Project Notes. Your ability to modify the table within Project Notes will be limited, however.

Rgds – Jerome

Close the floating Project Notes window.
View the project notes in the inspector.
Click the title “Project Notes (General)” or whatever and change to your new note sheet.
Then Format | Table | Insert Table.

You can now reopen the floating project notes window and you’ll have a table.

Well spotted, this gets an empty 2x2 table, that you can then populate and partially format. The floating Table Properties control is still not available (either from the toolbar or right mouse menu), which means that you can’t adjust column size or add more than one column/row at a time.
What I really want to do is simply copy a paste a table that I have written elsewhere.
I’m wondering if the developers have left this in by mistake, as I seem to recall somewhere in the beta release notes that tables have been deliberately excluded from Project Notes.

If you keep working with the Format menu you can nest tables, add columns or rows, split cells, and end up with something fairly complicated… but more control would be nice (table properties for instance).


I agree though, being able to paste an existing table would definitely be useful.

Any comments from the Scrivener team on this?