No text in my exported files!

I am using the evaluation version of Scrivener and am so impressed with this app that I am going to buy it at the end of this month, however there is one little problem - when I export my draft or my files in the correct format (usually DOC), the resulting file, when opened up in Word, does not contain any of the text i exported out of Scrivener!

Can anybody help?



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Your problem may have several – simple – reasons.

First step:

Exporting files should result in a folder with files representing your documents. To start, just select one document in your binder and export it as RTF, Text, RTFD or HTML (there is no Word / .doc) option with File - Export Files…). The RTF file in the folder (you have to decide for a name during export), should contain an RTF file with your text. You can try the other options as well, should be no problem.

Of course, you can select several files and export into a folder as well.

As for exporting the draft, you have to select which parts of the draft and have to click which parts of the documents. The Tutorial is very helpful on that part.

Hope this helps in the beginning,


I think Maria has already covered this, but:

When you go to File > Export Draft, a sheet will appear with a list of files that are going to get exported. Are you files listed here? Also note that only files with the “Export” check box ticked will actually get exported (though that depends on how you have “Export… Combine documents…” set up).

If that list is empty, then it may be that the text documents you wish to export are not contained inside the Draft folder in the binder. Remember that Export Draft only exports anything contained inside the Draft folder.

As well as the tutorial, the Help file has a section on exporting. That may help too.

Do let us know if this resolves your problem.

Thanks and all the best,