No transformations or Project Replaces working

I have tried to do several things this morning and none of them are working.

*I tried to Project Replace two spaces with one space. It said “Not Found” even though I’m looking right at one. I then tried Edit->Text Tidying to do it that way, but the whole menu is grayed out.

*I tried Edit->Transformations->Convert Straight Quotes to Smart quotes. This had no result. I tried the opposite way, still no result. I tried Project Replace and it said “Not Found.”

Any ideas as to what as happening? is there hidden unicode for spaces and quotation marks that I need to take into account?

For both Text Tidying and Transformations, make sure the Editor pane has the focus. For the Transformations menu, be sure to select the text you want to change.

For Project Replace, you’ll need to copy and paste the relevant characters into the search field. Also, make sure the search options are set appropriately.

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