No Undo for Folder Moves

I’m not sure it’s technically a “bug” rather than a feature request (sorry) but more than once (especially on my little MacBook Pro with the big trackpad) a bit of overpressure and a too-far finger swipe and I will find that I have accidentally moved a folder or a scene around in the Binder. When working with first draft material it can be hell trying to figure out where that block of text was prior to the accidental move and, alas, no effort at “mashing the ‘undo’ keyboard shortcut” will undo (if you will forgive me) the damage.

I’m guessing that dealing with “undo binder move” functionality on a programming level is non-trivial, but I thought I would bring up the issue anyhow, just in case.

Oh, have I mentioned lately that Scrivener is indispensable AND irreplaceable?

EDITED - removed because of a better reply below.

Yes, undo is available for moves in the binder in some circumstances, but as soon as text gets loaded in the editor, the undo stack for the binder is reset. The problem is just the complexity of the undo stack between the various UI elements. If undo isn’t reset, the user might be working in the editor, hit undo a couple of times, and not realise that e.g. they have just undone the placement of a folder or file in the binder. So it’s basically the lesser of two evils: while it’s annoying if you accidentally move something and you have to move it back manually, at least you know you’ve done that; this is less annoying than if it were possible to accidentally undo a binder rearrangement because of hitting undo somewhere else later.

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I thought so. Thanks very much for the answer though. Now I know I’m not just missing something. :slight_smile: