No way to cancel web page import

I foolishly tried to import Google into a scrivener project. Specficially, the front page: I was just testing it out, and figured the front page was super simple, and would result in a static html page with a form and couple of links.

As of now, Scrivener has been “importing web page” for about 2 minutes. There is no ‘cancel’ button, so I’m forced to leave the app in hopes it will time out in the background. Either that, or force Scrivener to quit.

There should be a way to interrupt an errant web page import, shouldn’t there?

What happens if you turn off the wifi connection to your idevice?

Airplane mode (which turns off Wifi and mobile data radio), doesn’t seem to affect it. Stuck with the twirling circle of radiant lines “progress” meter even when in that mode for a minute.

To be clear, I can just double-tap the home button and swipe up to kill Scrivener. No ill effects seem to come of it–I’m not permanently stuck in that import screen if I force Scrivener to quit, but Scrivener isn’t giving up on the import and reporting an error, and there’s no UI method by which I can stop the attempted import.

I don’t have an answer to your question, but the Google home page is actually huge. Try using your browser’s View Source command on it sometime.